This is an example of a responsive WunderSlider in proportional mode using the Dotsy Dark skin:

The following is the WunderSlider XML specification that the WunderSlider WordPress Plugin uses to render the above:

<wunderslider skin="dotsy-dark" display="proportional" mode="proportional" clickable="false" container-style="width:95%; height: 600px; margin-left:auto;margin-right:auto;left:0;right:0;">
<image url="" title="Responsive & Flexible Layout" description="Adaptive display modes support responsive designs without the need for media queries." />
<image url="" title="Automatic Image Adjustment" description="Images are adjusted to the slider size and display mode, maintaining the original image\'s aspect ratio." />
<image url="" title="Effects" description="41 transition effects that can be applied randomly or specified per slide." />
<image url="" title="Themes" description="Comes with 8 skins (themes) that support both embedded and fullscreen modes." />
<image url="" title="Overlays" description="12 overlay meshes in black or white with adjustable opacity for smoother image appearance on all display sizes." />
<image url="" title="Captions" description="Individual image captions with titles, HTML descriptions and links. Caption position and size can be set independently for each image.">
<caption right="10px" top="50px" width="275px" height="120px" />
<image url="" title="Links" description="Link images and captions optionally: Allows to link image captions only or also the image." linkUrl="" />
<image url="" title="Controls" description="Show or hide UI controls independently: Next & previous navigation, image selectors, image captions." />
<image url="" title="Flick it!" description="Flicking / swiping on all devices." />
<image url="" title="Touch Enabled" description="All controls, including flicking / swiping, are supported in all display modes also on touch-enabled devices." />
<image url="" title="Configurable Effects and Transitions" description="Configurable number of effect blocks with auto-adjust feature to maintain a square block geometry if desired." />

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